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U.S. Mailboat Tour

US Mailboat - Walworth
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Featured over the years in People Magazine and the Wall Street Journal and on NBC'S Today Show, CNN News, CBS Sunday Morning with Bill Geist and most recently on the Travel Channel's Bizarre World with Andrew Zimmern, the US Mailboat carries on a tradition that began back in 1870. The Walworth takes passengers on this one of a kind tour which is the only marine mail delivery of its type in the country. Loaded with 150 passengers, mail, a very brave and agile Mailperson, and a steady handed Captain, the crew delivers mail to about 60 homes around the lake. The tour operates every day at 10am - including Sundays when they deliver newspapers - from June 15 to September 15.

Mailboat Videos Listen to the BBC interview with our Mailperson.

Our Mailperson leaps off the bow of the boat onto the pier, places the mail into the box, grabs outgoing mail, and jumps back aboard. The only hitch is the boat never stops!

A story about our Mailboat has received an Emmy® award from the Upper Midwest Chapter of the National Television Academy! KMSP-TV in Eden Prairie, MN has won an Emmy® award for their Light Feature Story - "Lake Geneva Mail Boat". Congratulations to Jeff Goldberg, reporter; Jeff Christian, photographer.

The Mailboat was featured on CBS Sunday Morning News!

US Mailboat - WalworthThe "hazzards" our Mailperson faces are a little different than the ones your mail carrier faces. Things like wet paint on piers, rafts and floating toys to dodge, an the occasional prank of someone tying the mailbox shut, can delay the Mailperson's return to the boat just enough to make the return trip a wet one!

But the mail must go through - delivery continues despite a splash in the lake!

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