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Lake Walk Tours

Lake Geneva Cruise Line has a special way for you to enjoy your day with a lake walk and cruise.

Walkers start out by enjoying an eight mile hike along the Lake Geneva shoreline, then grab a seat on a passenger boat that picks them up at a public pier. It is possible to eat brunch on Sunday or relax and enjoy a narrated cruise aboard the morning US Mailboat or afternoon Full Lake Tour for the return back to the Lake Geneva starting point.

Besides the wonderful views of Geneva Lake, walkers see opulent multi-million dollar mansions, wooden boats valued at more than $400,000, beautifully manicured gardens and designer boat houses as they stroll along the public path where the lake-facing estates are front and center.

The unique opportunity is made possible because of an old law that requires the winding lake path around Lake Geneva be maintained and open to the public. Walkers are not trespassing on the yards of the rich and famous as long as they stay on the path. Walkers should wear sturdy shoes because the walkway, originally a Native American Potawatomi footpath, ranges from stone, brick and wood planks to concrete ramps, sandy beach, steps, and packed dirt.

2014 Lake Walk Options
WALK from LAKE GENEVA to WILLIAMS BAY and pick up a boat for the return trip back to Lake Geneva. (approx. 7 miles) PICK UP TIME AT WILLIAMS BAY:
5/1 to 6/13 - 1:45 Daily
6/14 to 8/31 - 10:50, 1:45, 3:55 Daily
9/1 to 9/15 - 10:50, 1:45 Daily
9/16 to 10/31 - 1:45 Daily

$26.00 Per adult

RIDE a boat to WILLIAMS BAY and walk back to LAKE GENEVA on your own. BOAT DEPARTURE TIME-Lake Geneva:
5/1 to 6/13 - 1:00 Daily
6/14 to 8/31 - 10:00, 1:00, 3:10 Daily
9/1 to 9/15 - 10:00, 1:00 Daily
9/16 to 10/31 - 1:00 Daily

$23.00 Per adult
As of September 16th, Lake Geneva Cruise Line will no longer be able to pickup or drop off lake walkers in Fontana. We apologize for this inconvenience. We plan to begin Fontana stops again in 2015
Use your feet on a self-guided eight-mile hike from Lake Geneva to Williams Bay, then take your seat on a boat cruise, and eat on board during a tour of the lake. The walk follows the public lake shoreline, where hikers see multi-million dollar estates, exquisite gardens, wooden boats and more. A Lake Geneva excursion boat will pick up the walkers at the Williams Bay Municipal Pier for an onboard champagne Sunday brunch buffet, including six entrees, desserts and a narrated tour before returning to the starting point in Lake Geneva. Hike starts at 8:30 a.m.

Available Sundays: from 5/11 to 6/15 and from 9/7 to 10/26

$48.00 Per adult and $46.00 for seniors over 65
Sales tax & gratuity is included in the price!
  • Seniors, Youth and Children's rates available.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.
  • There are no restrooms or other stops along the way except in the towns of Lake Geneva and Williams Bay. There are restrooms on the boat.
  • Reservations are required in advance for all options. Advance payment required.
  • All property except the path is private. Please respect the property owners by staying on the path at all times.

Contact LGCL for lake hike schedules, rates and reservations.

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